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Examples of good citizenship for kids include not burning down the seat of government

5 of the Most Outstanding Examples of Good Citizenship for Kids

What the hell did we witness on January 6th? I sat the whole day glued to my social media feed watching TV. I haven’t been that transfixed since 9/11. But that’s exactly what we saw. We saw a domestic terrorist organization try to overthrow the duly elected Congress of the United States to install some kind of strongman leader. To argue otherwise is extremely naive. How did that happen here?

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Keep that stay at home dad resume polished to stay up and current

5 Reasons Why You Need to Have a Strong Stay at Home Dad Resume

Did you know that the percentage of fathers who stay at home with the kids has been steadily rising since 2007? Yep. It’s true. With so many guys choosing or being forced into the primary caregiver role, is a stay at home dad resume even relevant anymore? Absolutely. More than ever. When the titans of finance, primarily men, damn near took down the entire concept of capitalism, it was women

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Young casual man sitting by table in the kitchen in front of laptop

A Professional Makeshift Home Office Demands the Best Chromebook Accessories

Chromebooks are the heroes we need right now. But they can’t stand alone in the race for an efficient makeshift home office. With the pandemic as an accelerant, the remote work (along with the remote learning and the remote social visit) revolution is upon us. The issue is the uncertainty and pace. We, the royal we, weren’t ready for this. We have been thrust into cobbling together a makeshift home

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