Updated January 2023CryptoTab Browswer remains a excellent way to earn passive income with Bitcoin in 2023. 2022 went off without a hitch and I’m convinced if you’re asking yourself how to get free Bitcoin in 2023, CryptoTab Browser remains the easiest, solution.

Wouldn’t it be nice to get paid to do something you’re already doing? I mean, that’s the dream, isn’t it?

One of the biggest hurdles new entrepreneurs report when starting a business is finding the time to do it. They have the idea, but the requisite time to start making the idea a reality remains elusive.

Being a parent exacerbates the problem on a logarithmic scale.

I’ve been spending the pandemic as the stay at home child care while my wife is working from home. This means my “work day” has been more or less dictated by the whims of a two-year-old.

I wouldn’t trade it for the world, but when of my writing clients asked me to look at the entire crypto space, I jumped at the chance to see if there was something there for side hustle dads

The first question to answer was, how to get free bitcoin, or can a busy dad make passive income with bitcoin? Let’s look at a proof of concept.

What is CryptoTab Browser Pro

The simplest way I could think of to make passive income with bitcoin was to revisit the Cryptotab browser.

CryptoTab Browser


Summary: A version of Chrome that seamlessly mines crypto currency in the background of your workflow. Earn free bitcoin for doing what you’re already doing. Zero hassles. Zero extra work.

Product Pros

Product Cons

When Bitcoin first burst into the cultural zeitgeist, “mining bitcoin” was all the rage. You could pull down significant bitcoins without really doing anything at all.

As more people jumped into mining, it became more difficult. The hardware became specialized, and thus, expensive. It required more electricity and the margins shrank.

At a certain point it dipped into the red and miners powered down their hardware.

The answer to how to get free bitcoin was no longer mining. You could no longer really make passive income with bitcoin… Could you?

Well CryptoTab browser pro is an interesting experiment. It’s a Chromium based browser for PC and smartphones. It uses small amounts of your CPU to mine cryptocurrency. You’re paid in bitcoin, but my guess is that it’s actually mining another coin, then converting it.

That’s kinda their service.

As a concept, that’s interesting, of course, but does it work in practice?

How to Get Free Bitcoin

Well, the short answer is, yes. You’re not going to pay the rent with it, and it’s not a side hustle as we would like to describe it.

In fact, the bitcoin mined, is a pittance. But that’s not the point right? This is how to get free bitcoin, not how to get rich off free bitcoin overnight. That would be a scam, and nobody needs that noise.

The real question is, can this browser step in for my day-to-day web browsing? Can I do my regular work, as normal, while earning passive income with bitcoin in the background?

The answer to both of those questions seems to be a resounding yes.
Color me shocked as well.

What I like about Cryptotab Browser Pro

Let’s start with the obvious good stuff, because we are a glass half full blog and why the hell not.

Cryptotab Browser Pro is Chromium

How to get free bitcoin with CryptoTab Browser - Seamless Chrome integration
Just as Microsoft EDGE is Chromium, so is CryptoTab Browser

Being based on Chromium, it functions like Chrome does.

As of the time of this writing, the Chrome sync features seem to work, though I don’t know if that will last.

My daily Chrome extensions like Ubersuggest, Grammarly, Boomerang, and keep seem to work in Cryptotab Browser Pro just as they do in Chrome.

Which isn’t to say flawlessly, but it doesn’t seem like Cryptotab Browser Pro is having any interaction issues on that front. The issues are more user error and extension problems.

Cryptotab Browser Pro Fades Into The Background

Does it matter how to get free bitcoin? When you’re a busy dad? Yeah. It matters.

Answers to “how to get free Bitcoin” involve more hoops and spyware than a busy Dad has time to deal with.

I’m watching a toddler. Anything that distracts me and blows up my focus is a non-starter.

That’s why Cryptotab Browser Pro is a great way to earn a little passive income with bitcoin. It quite literally stepped into my Chrome workflow on my android device.

Which is fine. Because at this stage in the little man’s life, I’m doing more work on my pixel than on any of my proper workstations.

Cloud Mining

Passive income with bitcoin is truly passive with CryptoTab Browser
Each individual hash rate is pretty low… It’s background and seamless on any device… not a mining rig.

The mining takes place in the cloud on the Cryptotab servers. It’s all distributed networking. What this means for me is that the mining doesn’t negatively impact my battery life.

I have a bit of an OCD issue with battery life on devices, so this was a nice surprise. Again, transparency.

They offer an option to boost your hash rate for a monthly subscription fee if you want. But as best I can tell, even with the steepest discount offered, that’s a break even.

The only real advantage there is to speed up your payout eligibility which sits at 1000 Satoshi or 0.00001 BTC. But, unless you need your free bitcoin right away, then you can ride it out.

My first payday, mining on my own, was in 4 days or casual browsing. Not my heavy day to day Twitter doom scrolling.

Passive Income with Bitcoin… The Dream Realized

Cloud mining really only works at scale. By harnessing the low idle computing power of millions of devices, have they created a winner? Can there be any serious competition with those who make proper mining their mission.

Bless their hearts, but real mining isn’t close to passive. It IS NOT a passive gig.

Lose one day of mining due to power issues and there goes the year’s margins. Active mining doesn’t answer how to get free bitcoin does it? No, there’s massive overhead.

Given the low mining power each device has, the key then is bringing in more micro miners.

Here, Cryptotab Browser Pro shines. Your referral downstream is 10 layers deep. So, with your mining, no matter how addicted to web surfing you are, that’s 11 total layers.

That’s a substantial waterfall of potential earnings. Multilevel marketing it is not, but for something you are already doing…

How to get free bitcoin with CryptoTab browser pro - you need to remember to tap "enable mining" every three hours.
CryptoTab requires you to remember to enable mining every three hours. Set an alarm. No big deal.

What I Don’t Love About Cryptotab Browser

As with any review, there are going to be negatives. And Cryptotab browser is no different. While I think it’s a great concept overall, there are some obvious drawbacks.

The Bottom Line With Cryptotab Browser for Making Passive Income with Bitcoin

Ok, so I’ve been using this for a month or so every day on every device as my primary driver. Am I going to recommend it?
I’m a person who works on the internet. Raising a rambunctious toddler. I don’t need to introduce headaches into my workflow for pennies. So what’s the deal?

Yeah. I’m going to recommend Cryptotab Browser.

There are some downsides, sure, but they are made up for by the fact that this has folded so seamlessly into my workflow. I have run into zero issues with device slowdown, battery drain (on laptops or mobile devices), spyware, viruses, or the like.

If you’re using Chrome as your mainstay browser, there’s no reason you shouldn’t be earning a bit of bitcoin for your trouble. If you’re using Firefox or some other browser for memory footprint issues then this might not be for you, but if you’re using Chrome… I just can’t think of a reason I wouldn’t continue using this.

Where to Go From Here

There you have it. That’s how to get free bitcoin in the easiest way possible.

Use CryptoTab Browser for a while and see if it isn’t obvious that you should have been doing this ages ago. If you like it, and you will, there’s no reason you shouldn’t tell your friends. I mean, it’s truly passive income with bitcoin… how can you go wrong there?

I’m including my referral link here, so please do consider using it if you’re going to try out Cryptotab browser.

Let me know what you’re going to do with your newly minted Crypto in the comments or on twitter (@smartestdadcom).