5 of the Most Outstanding Examples of Good Citizenship for Kids

Examples of good citizenship for kids include not burning down the seat of government

What the hell did we witness on January 6th? It sure as hell wasn’t top of the heap examples of good citizenship for kids. That’s for damned sure. I sat the whole day glued to my social media feed watching TV. I haven’t been that transfixed since 9/11. But that’s exactly what we saw. We […]

9 Surprisingly Good Dad Habits to Start Right Now

Good Dad Habits

Have you ever been sitting in the cubicle staring out the window dreaming of that trip you want to take? Of course you haven’t. Cubicles don’t have windows. But maybe you’ve put Bora Bora as your desktop image. Cool. It’s all well and good to have dreams. The harder thing is to make those dreams […]

5 Ways to Parent with a Mental Health Condition

How to Parent With a Mental Health Condition

Have you ever been staring longingly into your new baby’s eyes in the middle of the night while Mom sleeping only to think “what the hell am I going to?” Maybe your heart starts to race and small beads of sweat appear on your forehead. Does this tiny creature know that I’m completely losing my […]

How to Feed Your Kids On a Road Trip

The Snack Box to Feed Your Kids on A Road Trip

Any good Dad knows that the key to a good road trip is putting miles under the tires. There’s so much that goes into it, like knowing when or if to feed your kids on a road trip. My wife and I just had to take our kids on an impromptu 1300 mile road trip. […]

What We Need for Raising Resilient Children

5 Techniques for Raising Resilient Children

Every parent wants to make sure they are raising resilient children. After all, you won’t always be around. Here are 5 techniques to make sure your kids will leave the nest prepared for the world.

Simple Dad Friendly Play Dates for Every Type of Guy

Knock it out of the park with these dad friendly play dates

Play dates are designed for the kids to have fun, but that doesn’t mean there can’t be dad friendly play dates that everyone can enjoy. Take a look at some of our favorite dad friendly play dates to spark your creativity.