Recently we looked at how new dads can step up in one of their most important jobs… helping new moms. It’s something that we’re going to look at quite often because it is so important. So here are 5 more ways Dads can help new Moms.

1. Be the One to Document This Experience

Between the late nights, midnight feedings, early mornings, and just the rapidity at which these little suckers grow you’re going to want to document the experience.

An easy way new dads can help new moms is to be the one responsible for taking pictures every day. Try creating a journal that covers all the little moments of joy that you’re finding along the way. In 10 years you won’t remember all the fun you had.

It’ll all become a blur. So make sure that you’re in charge of documenting the experience for the years to come.

2. Learn the Feeding Routine

Look, we’ve established that you probably can’t feed the baby. Well, you can’t breastfeed the baby and doctors nowadays give a huge guilt trip to Mom’s who have a less than easy time.

But what you can do is learn the whole routine and be Johnny on the spot with what she needs. My wife liked to use a boppy pillow every time she nursed. So it was my job to make sure that she had the boppy.

dads can help new moms by letting them do more of this
New Dads can help new moms by letting them do more of this

I was in charge of making sure that she had burp rags, wipes, a fresh diaper, and all the other stuff she wanted at each feeding. That’s a really straightforward way how dads can help new moms.

Just be there in the experience with her as support.

And when they’re ready, you can make your own baby food to help out. Trust me. It’s easy.

3. How Dads Can Help New Moms – Patience

That lovely lady that you fell in love with? Yeah, she’s gone for a bit. You’re going to need to wait this out. Having a new baby is hard on everyone, but especially so on new moms.

There are hormones involved. There is the sleep deprivation. Some things are going to be said that in normal circumstances wouldn’t be tolerated. Roll with the punches on this one.

If you do your job right the stress will eventually ease and you’ll work the parenting into who you are as people. So make sure that your patient.

4. Take Care of Her

It’s going to be really easy for any new mom to forget to take care of herself.

There is another person that she’s biologically compelled to put before herself. But what that means is that it’s really easy for her to get run down. She’s going to forget to eat meals.

Vitamins? Yeah… good luck.

One of the most important things that you can do is to keep on top of that type of thing. Make sure she’s eating and taking all her medications.

Check-in with her frequently to see how she’s feeling. The better you can help her feel, the easier your life will be.

5. Take Care of Yourself

This tip is straight from the airlines. When the oxygen mask drops, make sure you put yours on first. We can’t stress self care enough.

You’re no good to anyone if you pass out. Same goes for parenting. Dads can’t help new moms if they’re dead. So make sure that you’re also taking care of yourself. I like to set timers to make sure I check in with myself every day.

Am I eating? How much sleep did I get? What else can I do to make sure that I’m doing some self-care to be the best dad that I can be?

You won’t always be able to make the decisions that you’d like to, but if you’re at least aware of the problems you can make an effort.