Self-care is super important. I don’t know a lot about flying, but I do know this. When shit gets real on an airplane, they tell you to put your own mask on first. So let’s talk about parenting affirmations for new Dads. Heck, these help me out every day and I’m an old dad now!

It’s not selfish, it’s smart.

If you pass out from lack of oxygen you can’t help anyone else. The same theory applies to parenting. You have to take care of yourself so you can raise the little spawn you made. It’s on you to make it happen every single day.

Where to Start with Parenting Affirmations

When my first son was born I realized how little time I had to really care for myself. I was never great at exercise to begin with. But adding a little screaming poop monster into the equation didn’t help. I was left looking for ways to try and take care of myself that didn’t take up too much time. I wanted ways that I could slot a little self care right into the middle of my hectic day. Part of the solution I found was to use parenting affirmations.

So Say We All

Parenting affirmations keep new dads sane and are easier than you'd think.
Parenting Affirmations Don’t Have to Be a Huge Ritual. Take Them Where You Are

Affirmations for confidence are little positive sayings that help you to affirm that everything is going the way you want it to in the world. Parenting affirmations are a little play on that same theory. These affirmations work by temporarily banishing “stinkinthinkin” from your immediate experience.

At the moment that you’re using parenting affirmations for confidence, your mind is actually occupied by positive thoughts. Since you’re thinking positive things at that moment, you don’t have the mental space to dwell on the negative. Research has shown that positive thinking has a statistically significant positive impact on performance. So even if you’re not into homeopathy this mind over matter thinking can really help. Science has you on this one.

Unlock the Keys with Proven Parenting Affirmations

The keys to parenting affirmations are to make sure they’re both positive and immediate. Instead of thinking “I wish my kid didn’t poop so much” you might think “I’m being the parent junior needs.” You want to find the silver lining in each case.

Here are 10 parenting affirmations for Dad that can really help you through the day:

1. Serenity Now

Yeah, I know it’s from Seinfeld and George’s dad wasn’t the most serene type. But isn’t he the kind of dad we can all learn from? The idea is pretty solid even if Mr. Castanza’s execution was lacking. I love this parenting affirmation because it reminds you at the moment that you need to slow your roll, take a breath, and calm down.

2. Crying is Breathing

This is one I picked up off some friends of mine. When my first son was born he was rushed to the NICU because he wasn’t breathing well. Watching the nurses work was about the five most stressful moments of my life. After that, I really learned to appreciate crying.

To this day I will remind myself that even if it’s not ideal, crying is breathing.

In the moment, everything is okay.

3. I’m a Good Dad

All affirmations for confidence worth their weight are based in authentic truth. That’s why I say I’m a good dad.

Not a great dad. Just a good dad. I’m setting my sights realistically. But I’m also their only dad. I’m going to tell my son someday that you get what you pay for. But it’s an important parenting affirmation for me to remind myself that no matter what, I’m trying, and I’m a good dad.

4. Affirmations for Confidence: I’m Getting Better

Every day I like to remind myself that today is the most experience I’ve ever had as a dad. I’m learning new things every day. I remind myself that I’m applying that new knowledge and experience to the way I parent.

It might be something as simple as a new recipe or a new skill. It might be about just trying to be more present. This parenting affirmation reminds me that even when I fail, it’s a learning experience.

5. My Family is My Focus

It’s really easy to lose sight of how important your family is during our hectic lives. For instance today I have to get a heater installed (dude… where are you anyway?), get the oldest one from school, do some grading, and a million other things. And it’s one of the better affirmations for confidence during a new dad’s first year.

But at the end of the day, I do these things because my family is where I want to put my focus. It helps to remind myself of that during the day.

6. I Am a Problem Solver

Parenting often feels like putting out a million fires. This one is poopy while the other one is hungry. The car needs to be smogged, but the kid has a doctor’s appointment. Everything is a problem waiting to be solved. This parenting affirmation helps keep things in perspective. It reminds me that even if life is throwing 10,000 problems my way I can handle it. A dad is a problem solver.

7. I’ve Got This

I don’t know what “this” is yet. I may never know. But I do know that I’ve got this. Repeating affirmations for confidence like “I’ve got this” reinforces grit.

See, my kids depend on me to figure it out and make it happen. Reminding myself that I can handle whatever life throws at me at the moment is key to getting through every day. This one is a really powerful parenting affirmation for Dad.

8. I’m Doing the Right Thing

I have a tendency to want to overthink just about every aspect of my life. This is where one of the affirmations for confidence comes in.

Eventually, you have to take a leap. This parenting affirmation helps me remember that, no matter what, my heart is in the right place.

If I start every decision I have to make in my life from this place, then I can own the choices that I make. Do I still regret things? Absolutely. But at least I can be proud of the things that I have done.

9. Affirmations for Confidence: I am Enough

At least once every day I start to feel like I’m not going to pull it all together. Maybe we’ve had a supplemental tax bill (I didn’t even know that was a thing), or both kids somehow need 3 things at once. In those moments it can feel like you’re being stretched just a little to thin and you’re going to break.

This is one of the parenting affirmations that help me remember I am enough to handle whatever situation. Handle it by virtue of being in the situation.

Well… it helps to think so anyway. I’m sure I’ll find something someday where the wheels just come off. But not today.

10. This Too Shall Pass

Affirmations for Confidence are grounded in authentic truths
This Too Shall Pass is One of the Affirmations for Confidence We Love as New Dads

No matter what’s going on it’ll pass. I say this parenting affirmation every day. This one means that the days that are full of vomit and poopies will pass. One day, your little one will be healthy and potty trained. But the good days of giggles and first steps will pass too.

One day you won’t get a hug when you drop your kid off at school. Nothing stays around forever. There is a season and all that… It’s important to remember that everything is transient. Savor the good, laugh off the bad, and enjoy the ride.

In Conclusion

What can you tell yourself that is positive and will help you through this trial. The second issue is to make sure that they’re immediate. Affirmations work best when they’re in the moment. They help keep you focused on the positive in the here and now.

These proven affirmations for confidence in parenting keep us grounded, humble, and focused.

While your brain wants to dwell on all the things that need to happen in the future, you can force your focus to return to the positive things that you’re doing right now.

What are some of your favorite affirmations? How are you getting through the day? What have you broke lately that you fixed?